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Risk Warning

You should not invest in "Commodity Contracts" i.e. futures, options, commodities, contracts for differences, foreign exchange and other financial transactions with money that you cannot afford to lose.

An investment in such "Commodity Contracts" could carry
a high degree of risk to the investor and which due to fluctuations in value, the investor may not get back the amount he/she has invested.

With certain transactions clients may not only lose what they have invested at the outset but may incur a liability to pay further unspecified amounts at a later date.

The inherent concept of "Commodity Contracts" means that they are not suitable for an investor seeking an income from his/her investments because the income from such investments
may fluctuate in value in money terms .

The value of investments denominated in foreign currencies may diminish or increase due to changes in the rates of exchange.

"Commodity Contracts" are therefore only suitable for those customers who fully understand the market risk and have previous trading experience.

It is advisable to seek
independent advice if necessary .

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