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Chart definition:
The chart is a clear image of how market prices have been changed during a specific period of time. Specialists use it to study the market status and make future expectations and estimations so this will be useful in the trading process.

To get the chart of any symbol you only need to right click on this symbol and choose chart from the menu appears, or right click on the tick chart and choose the chart option from the menu. You can also call the chart of many symbols; they will appear either as a tabbed window with on chart active by choosing tabbed MDI from the chart edit toolbar or as separate windows by choosing MDI from the same toolbar.

Chart options:

You can control your chart look and fell by right clicking on the chart -> chart options, then go to the chart tab. These options include: back color, fore color, gradient top, gradient bottom, up tick color, down tick color, grid color, info text color, series color, and outline color. Each property is a link allows you to choose your favorite color.

The system contains some predefined templates with different colors, so you can choose one of them from the templates drop down list. When you select a template, all colors properties will be changed.

Also you can display your three dimensional chart when you check the "3D style" options. Then press OK to see the new look of your chart.

Right click -> edit chart -> print chart, to get a hard copy of your chart.

Right click -> edit chart -> save chart bitmap, to keep an image of your chart.

Chart periods and candles:
There are two ways to change the chart period:

Either by going to the chart periods toolbar and clicking on the period you want your chart top represent, for example: one minute, five minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, one hour, four hours, daily, weekly, and monthly.

Or by right clicking on the chart, a popup menu will appear, and choosing the desired period from the periodicity sub menu.

The candle is the part of the chart which shows how the price has been changed during the specified period of time. It shows opening price, closing price, highest price, lowest price, and if the price increased or decreased during that period. If the opening price is higher than the closing price, then the candle will be filled, and if the opening price is lower than the closing price, the candle will be empty. So that each candle represents a period of time.

How to add and remove indicators:
Two ways you can use to attach an indicator to your chart:

1-   when you click on the add indicators button from the chart studies toolbar, a drop down list will appear, click on the desired one, then a small window will appear allows you to attach it to the chart by clicking apply button with your favorite color from color option.

2-   Another way is to expand the indicators node from the accounts tree, right click on the desired indicator and attach it to your chart; the same window will appear to add it with your chart parameters and favorite color from color option.

You can also remove the attached indicators, click on the indicator then press on the delete button on your keyboard. Or right click on the chart then select series, check the one you want to remove then click delete.

How to add and delete drawings:
Chart drawings toolbar allows you to add some drawings to your chart like horizontal, vertical, and trend lines, Fibonacci arcs, error channels, and many other drawings in the drop down list which appears when you click on the drawings button from the same toolbar.

This toolbar contains other options like cursor to show your cursor as normal, and crosshairs to show the cursor as orthogonal lines so that the cross point is the price on a specific date and time. To deactivate this option click again on the cursor button.

To delete a drawing from the chart either to click on it and press the delete button on your keyboard, or right click on the chart then select objects, a window will appear allows you to delete any added drawing.

Refresh chart and chart styles:
To refresh your chart you can choose one of the three ways:

1-    Click on refresh button from chart periods toolbar.

2-    Press F5 on your keyboard.

3-    Right click on the chart, then choose refresh chart from the menu appears.

Three styles of chart appear on the chart studies toolbar: line chart, bar chart, and candles chart. You can change your chart style by clicking on one of these buttons.

Another way to change the chart style is to right click on the chart -> edit chart -> price style, then choose the desired style from the menu appears.

Using templates provides you an easy way to save your favorite group of indicators and apply them to any chart with one click. After attaching indicators to your chart, you can save this frequently used mix of indicators as a template by clicking the template button from the chart studies toolbar then choosing save template, a message box will appear allows you to add a name for your template.

To apply this template to any other chart only a click on the template name will add your mix of indicators to that chart.

To remove a template, go to remove template sub menu in the templates menu and click on the desired one.

Charts edit toolbar options:

Chart edit toolbar includes the following options:

-     You can activate the market prices button and a small message box will appear contains information about the symbol which the chart belongs to like date, time, open price, high price, low price, and close price. When you move the cursor over the chart, this information will be updated according to the cursor position. To deactivate this button, press again on it.

-         To shift left the chart, click the shift left button.

-         To shift right the chart, click the shift right button.

-         To go to the first record in the chart, we choose "home" button.

-         To go to the last record in the chart we choose "end" button.


Chart shift and speed scrolling:
Clicking on the shift chart button from the chart studies toolbar makes your chart shifted left from its end to add some space so you can imagine your chart shape during the next few time periods. Then click on the same button to get the original size of the chart.

The speed scrolling button from the same toolbar allows you to move the chart in the desired direction within a specific period. You only need to click on it, then keep the click on the chart and move the mouse until you reach a specific candle and click again on this button to deactivate it.

You can also show all historical data and no limit for the displayed records, you can press home on your keyboard and keep scrolling to left or pressing on the left arrow on the keyboard until you reach the oldest record in the database.


Tick chart:
You can display the tick chart by clicking tick chart tab from the market watch, which is the chart allows you to monitor a specific symbol price tick by tick.

When you right click on this chart, you can call the candles chart of the symbol you are monitoring, make new order on that symbol, show the ask line, show the grids, print it, save a bitmap of it, and clear it.