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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to open a real account?
You have to contract with us to fill the agreement then start working immediately.

2. Where should I transfer deposit?
When all the necessary documents are accepted, you need to send the deposit to International Financial Brokerage Company (IFB). You'll be able to select the method for transferring the money.

3. Can I use the sub-account as a usual bank account?
No, you can not. The money on the sub-account is used only as your margin deposit for trading in the FX.

4. Will there be accumulated interest on the money?
No, (IFB) does not add interest to the money on the deposit. 

5. How much can I gain if I start trading in the FOREX market with a minimum deposit?
Everything depends on the level of your experience. Very few professionals reach the level of profit 10 to 20 per cent a month. Most successful traders make 2 to 10 per cent a month. The level of profit depends on the sum of the margin deposit. It's sufficient to double or even treble the minimum deposit within a short period of time, but if the deposit is average or big, it's practically impossible to do it. You shouldn't forget that high profits are proportional to high risks.

6. What are the business hours of the FOREX market and
The working hours of our company coincide approximately with the working hours of FOREX. We accept trading orders 24 hours a day from 10:00pm GMT on Sunday to 9:00pm GMT on Friday except during red-letter days in Europe or USA.

7. What is the difference between the work of real and the work of demo accounts?
Yes, indeed, there are some differences. The main difference that is training in the Demo accounts while you are gaining real money in the real accounts.

8. Are there any limitations for the period of keeping an opened position?
No, there are not.

9. How to conduct transactions if access to the Internet is impossible?
You can always continue trading via the phone. Our dealer on duty will take your orders 24 hours a day from 10:00pm GMT on Sunday to 9:00pm GMT on Friday except during red-letter days in Europe and USA.

10. How long is the period of time between sending an inquiry about a quote and receiving an answer from (IFB) dealer?
Usually a dealer supplies the information in 10 to 20 seconds, if the inquiry was sent through the Internet. (On a demo account, the delay is 10 to 15 seconds). If the inquiry was made via the phone, the answer will be given in 5 to 10 seconds.

11. Many brokers give different quotes in real and demo trading. What about (IFB)?
Quotes in real and demo trading are absolutely the same.

12. How near to the real price can you set up Stop and Limit orders?
Stop and Limit orders can not be set up nearer than at 10 pips from the current quote. However, you should know that if the movement in the market is strong (this happens very seldom), your level of Stop or Limit orders and the level on which the order will be fulfilled may be different. 

13. Can I turn to the dealers of (IFB) for recommendations about my activities in the FOREX market or about the situation in the market?
No, you cannot. We do not take any responsibility for forming your market strategy. We are mediators, not a consulting company.

14. How many pips are there in a spread?
A spread in a quiet market contains 5 pips.

15. Why are your quotes different from the ones given by Reuters or Knight Rider?
The quotes you can see on these sites and on many others are given for information, but the prices you can see in the windows of our programs are given for trading; i.e., our company is ready to trade at these prices at the moment. Dealing prices in the windows of (IFB) are a more truthful reflection of the market, because real transactions are being concluded at these prices at the moment.


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