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Attributes to Our System

  • Superior Instant execution on Forex , as well as market execution for Futures instruments.
  • Great flexibility where you may trade and place pending orders through charts.
  • Full and completely free charting tools , embedded within the trading platform.
  • Ability to specify deviation points from the market price, where you can allow your order to be executed even if the market moves within the range of points specified, and hence enabling faster execution.
  • Tick by tick charts for all instruments , including ability to view the chart for bid and ask prices or for bid price only.
  • All instruments divided into groups, showing the symbol on Windsor Direct 4 and the lot size.
  • Detailed account report provided to analyze the volume of profit and loss.
  • Customized history center options where you may specify the period to be viewed.
  • User friendly order window where you are able to view the tick by tick chart and add comments on trades.
  • Precise and detailed data window providing accurate information in tracking charts and indicators.
  • Under the trade section you may view your profit in points, term currency and deposit currency.
  • Efficient and fast way of communicating with customer services members by using the mail box section to send and receive messages.
  • Wider range of technical indicators , and ability to save your own templates.
  • Help section with full explanation on how to use the program .
  • Full explanation of all instruments available for trading including their contract specifications under the symbols section.
  •  Ability to close multiple positions together from one window. 
  •  Friendly and flexible user interface, yet providing the most advanced online trading technology.




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